Saturday, September 12, 2009

is there anything that make u happy....
i always made u in misery..
how could u can stand with me ...
thereis a reason y i treat u so bad..
even how difficult it is...thanks sbb u dare take a risk that
can make u pathetic,enthuastic, indulgent..
is that i too shitty???
i find the words to make sense...
u ever said to emy..'i give u my heart'..

think about it...
but, u don't worry..
i always keep our memories in my head..
whatever u say,i still hold on my word..
i try to forget the old story..
but,how about u??
that is u rooting 4me?
light up my spirit...?
don't ask y even i can't forget all story in the past..
but same goes to u..
don't make ur head get hards hakkim...