Saturday, September 12, 2009

Always u.. i gonna start my word rite now..ok,let the talk begin..for the people who will read this's not the applepurple as u guys know..but i'm juz a little person that always care about this gurl 'applepurple'..i'm a person that always mad at her,talk hardly to her,always stop the thing that she want to do..but actually,i'm also always dreamed about her,miss her everytime i flashback our old days and a people who are really worried at her..but commonly i said that i always mad at her juz b'cause of my too jealous attitude i's true that i always feel jealous at her..but,the only reason that i always acted like that is b'cos i juz don't want to lose her n i'm not the person that will fall in love with someone easily like my fren outside there..i'm so pathetic rite?even,4 my fes time see this 'applepurple'..she already said that i'm a playboy n a person that always can have love from someone easily..that was my first hang out with her at december last year..truly exciting n gently i said there's something about her that always want make me want to getting know to her more closely..n that 4 a,me n her has already in a serious relationship n both of us have already make a lot of promise together..n 4 me every word that always she said n promise to me are my spirit to face my daily life even at my hard time..n i always believe 4 what she said to me..every word..i know that our 9 month together,there are too many things that suddenly came out n some of them are really make me feel very sad,mad n full of questions in my head..but it's ok,i will always face all this together with u..n i will keep waiting 4 the answer come out from ur mouth by urself.....maybe i was too jealous with her are b'cause i really don't want to lose her..i really mean my word when i said 'i love u' to her..Mmm,i hope she know that..i know that sometimes my too jealous attitude bring harm to our relationship..i realise that we will always having a fight n sometimes i feel so damn angry n sometimes i don't know how..i try to be calm n juz think +..but i rather let all my anger n what are i really feel inside my heart to her..either it's the pain n joy thing..i rather talk loudly n hardly to her so that she can know what i really feel 4 what she have done until we get fight..u know why i want show everything that i feel to u?u know why?it juz b'cause i want to let u know who i'am n myself..if i juz pretend to be happy all the time even i feel angry with's mean that i lying u..stab u from the back..i don't want to do dishonestly with u means that i'm not serious with u..