Sunday, June 14, 2009

nice school holiday..

da lme x g blog ni..coz i juz come back from jb last nite..
that's sweet holiday than i never thought..
i'm go to meet someone that i really want to see for da long time ..last jmpe dy tu bln 12 kot..time ari jadi aku da nak dekat....
i'm so grateful for GOD...
that's one of my dream...
go to movie..n blah2..
what so ever..i'm darn happy..
for my study,
i guess, it will going to more better than this..
i'm was promise by myself..
don't study hard..but study smart..
life must be balance right???...
i must cope my dream 4 further life..
everyone have a dream..but
depend on someone to get it..
now,only 5 months whereas i need to more work hard..
more concentration..n more exercises..
juz smile and bear properly when we get into trouble..

Life is too important to take seriously..

4 my dearest,is that true rite??..
i thought that u ever see this statement on my t-shirt..hehe...