Thursday, June 4, 2009

Can u forgive me..?

Mmm.....what should i do to start my word.....well,as u guys know people always said 'sorry' when someone made a mistake or something that involved the misunderstanding rite?Mm..people always made a mistake n everyone knows that fact..but the questions is,can that person give a word 'I can forgive u' to the person that made a mistake to u?the point now is it's not easy to forgive someone even that person made a big mistake n the truth is the problem that always come up between me n her is about the old story n this thing always made me feel wondering u know?why?because i am myself even don't remember in the past with my ex..n the most important thing is it is the,should we keep continue remember the past n keep going our life based on the PAST?What about the future if we still keep remember n continue our life based on the thing tahat we have do at the past?..Azila,I have already to tell u everything about my past n what the truth is rite?So,what u have to do is juz hear everything that come out from my own mouth n face 2 face ok..I really want make this thing clear azila,ples let me do it 4 our own sack?..U really want to know why I keep want tell u everything?it's juz only one reason azila..b'cause I need u in my life..n plez forgive me on my word juz now..I didn't mean it azila..