Sunday, January 3, 2010

syg awk..

azila..skrg ni sy lg dlm stgh jam sblum nk g sblm sy nk g ni sy nk ckp thanks sgt kt awk sbb tiap mse sy dgn awk wlaupn asyik kna mrh je tp awk kna thu sy rse yg sy btl2 rse bhagia dgn awk azila..jjr sy ckp..xthula npe yg pasti sy thu ape yg sy btl2 pasti n pe yg sy nk dlm hdup sy nk awk thu yg sy btl2 trharu bler awk kjar sy sy lak wt xthu kt awk kn..but most important thing skrg ni sy xthu nk luahkn cmne..I really love u n i know that I also will be loved at the same time with u...4 sure thanks coz u stand with my attitude all this time damn thanks..ples take care of urself while i'm not here azila..ples..I LOVE U SO MUCH..